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What are Beryl?
What exactly are Beryl? The definition of a Beryl is as follows:

  • This is a mineral of great hardness, and, when transparent, very beautiful. It occurs in hexagonal prisms, commonly of a green or bluish green color, but also yellow, pink, and white. It is a silicate of aluminium and glucinum (beryllium). The {aquamarine} is a transparent, sea-green variety used as a gemstone. The {emerald} is another variety highly valued in jewelry and distinguished by its deep green color, which is probably due to the presence of a little oxide of chromium.

The Colors of Beryl
Beryl come in a wide range of natural colors and shades including Green, Blue, Yellow, Colorless, Pink & others. Color is mainly caused by the gemstone's selective absorption of certain wavelengths of light called the body color.



In gemstones, color consists of three components:

  • Hue - the first impression of the color
  • Tone - the lightness or darkness of color ranging from light to medium to dark
  • Saturation - the intensity of a gemstone's color which is measured from dull to strong to vivid

The Different Names and Types of Beryl
Beryl is referred to by a variety of different names according to their colors:

  • Colorless is called goshenite
  • Pink is called morganite
  • Red is called bixbite or "red emerald" or "scarlet emerald"
  • Bright yellow is called "golden beryl"
  • Yellow-green is called heliodor
  • Green beryl is emerald
  • Blue is called aquamarine
  • Deep blue is called maxixe

Birthstone Facts and Information about Beryl
The following list provides Birthstone facts and information about this gemstone:

  • It is an alternate birthstone of the month of November
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio
  • Scorpio dates: October 24 - November 22
  • Scorpio - The Eighth Sign of the Zodiac: The sign of the Scorpion
  • Ruling Planet of Scorpio: Pluto
  • Alternate Birthstones of Scorpio: Topaz, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Tourmaline and Opals

History, Significance and Properties of Beryl
The Roman author Pliny described the stone as "the gem green as the sea" as like the sea its color varied from a pale cool green to a deep green. It has always been revered in the East as the stone of purity, and was considered to be particularly sensitive to personal influence, so that it is frequently given to brides at weddings. The Romans believed, and this was confirmed by Camillus Leonardus, that "it renders the bearer cheerful and increases and preserves married love"; also, "it cures distempers of the throat and jaws, and is good for indispositions of the liver and disorders of the stomach". It is appropriately regarded as the Stone of the Seer and Mystic, nearly all of whom will be found to have Scorpio strong in their horoscopes. It is particularly favourable for clairvoyants because "it hath a weak tincture of red wherein magicians see visions". All varieties of this stone were considered beneficial to married people in keeping the affections true and constant and protecting from slander. It was also regarded as a remedy against idleness, a sharpener of the intellect, and as being specially good for sailors and adventurers, preserving them from danger and sickness on sea and land.

Beryl Jewelry
Beryl jewelry is extremely popular especially for those nearest and dearest. All different types of jewelry containing Beryl are available including:

  • Beryl rings
  • Beryl bracelets
  • Beryl pendants
  • Beryl earrings
  • Beryl necklaces

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